About us

Milano Space Makers has been the exclusive manager of megawatt court since its launch as an exhibition venue.

Recovering post-industrial spaces and making them like new is what Milano Space Makers does best. But we’re not just specialists in location management, we’re also experts in combined promotional requalification and commercial valorisation activities, which we monitor closely with the venue owners.


The Milano Space Makers exhibition network is extremely dynamic, thanks to our far-reaching network of contacts and the extensive knowledge of the areas where we work, which allows us to provide targeted B2B consultancy.

With headquarters in the Tortona district and a network of exhibition spaces in some of the busiest and most visible areas in the district, Milano Space Makers activities are an integral part of the tireless evolution of the district, where we are constantly delivering new content, attracting new stakeholders and driving future development.

Our team, who have a wide range of professional skills and experience, gained organising big events, like Design Week, for example, provides strategic, tailormade consultancy services, supporting our clients through every stage of the event organisation process.