Megawatt Court:
a location with
loads of potential


The 9000 sqm modular complex can be divided according to your needs, allowing for the creation of any type of exhibition or event. As well as the exhibition space, the heart of the Megawatt Court space, the venue also comprises a three-storey building, an entrance hall, two hangars, an extensive 3.700 sqm outdoor.
Located at just 15 minutes form the centre of Milan and easy to reach by public transport, the venue is in a highly strategic position, making it extremely agile when it comes to logistics.
The location is part of the international Open House Worldwide circuit, that promotes the best in global architecture in 42 cities worldwide. A prime example of industrial archaeology, Megawatt Court is also one of the 10 must-see building in the 2018 event.

Exhibition Hall


3.000 sqm

Modular area

7 m

High ceilings

A large, 3000-sqm, 7-meter high exhibition space, featuring a long scaffolding that spans the entire room and a large, steel mezzanine structure, ideal for production crews and equipment positioned to the rear of the hall. Access for loading and unloading is provided by a 4 x 4 m door, connected to hangar 1 and 2. The space comes equipped with lighting systems, led spotlight service, an air conditioning and pump-generated heating system and washrooms.
There is a ceiling-mounted net with 200 ring bolts for hanging besides stage lighting, audio / video preparation, equipments that can be personalized for every setting up.

Entrance Hall

A double glass door provides access to the entrance hall, complete with a reception desk, separate wardrobe facilities and toilets.
The walls can be personalised with graphic designs and logos and there is also a large, seamless video wall.
The entrance hall has a large open corridor that leads directly to the exhibition hall and is also linked to the three-storey office block building, which is accessible through a special entrance, with the possibility of use as a service area and backstage.

Storey office block

The three-storey building is accessible via three separate entrances, two directly overlooking Via Watt, the other in the entrance hall with it internally connected.
The building, extremely useful as a backstage area, dressing rooms and meeting areas is joined to the exhibition hall thanks to an internal passage.
The building, once used as offices, is spread over an area of 1500 square meters distributed over three levels.

Ground floor

- 6 rooms
SIZES: 10-50 SQM
- Private parking

First floor

- 8 rooms
(SIZES: 18-60 SQM)
- CED Room

Second floor

- 1 room
(SIZE 150 SQM)
- 4 rooms
(SIZES: 12-35 SQM)

Hangar 1 & 2

Located at the back of the exhibition space, Hangar 1 and 2 cover a surface area of approximately 800 sqm and are covered by a closed tensile structure. Two 4 x 4 meter (approx.) doors provide loading and unloading access. The area also has lighting systems and toilets.

Outdoor area

AAs well as hangars 1 and 2, there is a 3.700 sqm outdoor area that runs parallel to the roadside. This green area with a garden is at the back of the building, allowing for the organisation of outdoor events and can also be used for parking.


Two areas, one overlooking the street and another at the back of the complex provide approximately 150 parking spaces.